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Xoutpost 01-09-2006 11:05 AM

BMW X5 Replacement Battery Alternatives
Contributed by: X5world

Replacing your BMW X5 Battery

If you want a BMW battery as a replacement but don't
want to pay the exorbitant $260 price from your local BMW dealer, here is an
alternative. BMW batteries are made by Douglas Batteries, a USA
corporation. Many local auto parts stores carry them, just look in the
yellow pages for battery suppliers, or locate a

Batteries Plus
store near you. Alternately, contact Douglas at 800-368-4527 to locate a


The X5 replacement is a Douglas 94R for the 3.0 and
a Douglas 49 for the 4.4. They
should go for around $85-$95. It is the
EXACT same battery as the OEM BMW, every single thing is the same about it:
size, color, specs. The only difference is it doesn't have the
little Roundel emblem on it. Not a bad trade-off for saving about

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June 2005 Update:
It's been reported that Douglas Battery sold off it's auto division to another company at
the beginning of 2005 and are no longer producing batteries. Additionally, Batteries Plus may no longer stock the Douglas line.

Apparently Douglas 94r batt. for X5 3.0 is now sold as East Penn 94R-LI

Other alternatives to consider are the Sears
Diehard International (approx. $109), AutoZone's Duralast (approx. $75), and NTB
(Exide). Diehard International and Duralast are actually
the same battery - from Johnson Controls. The Duralast comes
with an external vent extension for fitting a BMW.

Another alternative to consider is the Optima,
especially if the vehicle sits for long periods of time between use.

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