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andrewwynn 01-26-2021 04:21 AM

Non Sequitur: BMW cool things
Couldn't figure out an appropriate title and I wanted to open a thread to share something incredibly cool that others can tag onto because I was going to make the thread titled "Happy Birthday To Me" which makes sense for a day but I want to get people to share their similar awesome BMW "stuff" of any kind.

Enough of the intro, onto the cool.

My wife surprised the crap out of me with this treat for my birthday:




Yeah it's a perfect copy of BMW roundel as a cake!

It tastes as good as it looks the top is 3mm thick white chocolate not frosting.

The inside is layers of white cake, cream cheese based frosting and blueberries (to match the blue/white theme outside.


Of course matching cookies, how could they not? (Holy crap they taste as good as they look).

The amazing baker that made these is a good friend of my wife who's had to make her baking hobby her primary income due to covid eliminating her job and keeping her replacement job at "idle" due to the fact her "day job" is at a venue used to host weddings and such.

If you live anywhere near Chicago/O'Hare, and are interested in blowing away some family or friends PM me for some contact info. I'll post a follow-up of the baker's Instagram etc when I get that.

10/10 in every way and wife hit a grand slam keeping it a secret even when she tricked me into thinking we were going to make a cake of a certain flavor to get my input if I'd like the flavor the baker picked.

FYI: very difficult to put candles into a cake that has a 3mm chocolate crust! Had I recalled this trick I would have tried: with a spare candle heat the bottom of each candle for ten seconds until the bottom 6-10mm is soft and then press into a hard surface to make it wide and flat on the bottom. Then heat once more so it's soft again and press into the hard cake top.

Unforgettable and so very fun.

I will add a couple place holder posts so I can post baker info and then when I can find it my spinning BMW logo optical illusion I want to make to display in my side windows.

There is a trick to make an animation with slits through a front plate (usually paper) and cleverly arranged pattern on a back layer that as the two layers move past each other it animates.

Usually the relative motion comes from pulling the papers over each other but I figured out I could also have them affixed at some distance and if the observer's relative position moves, they will see it animate: example as you pass them on the freeway.

andrewwynn 01-26-2021 04:22 AM


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andrewwynn 01-26-2021 04:23 AM

Non Sequitur: BMW cool things
Yahoo! I posted a video I made to YouTube


And a v2.


I'm glad I thought of this, hoping I can find somebody with a cnc laser that can cut the front screen and maybe a silk screen to print the back layer onto metal.

EODguy 01-26-2021 08:17 AM

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Don't kill the whole bottle of Bourbon tonight [emoji1787]

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andrewwynn 01-26-2021 11:29 AM

yeah I have like 8 bottles now. "finish" would be a fitting word.

EODguy 01-26-2021 12:37 PM

I would hope you finish them, just not all at once.

Remember no one likes a quitter [emoji1787]

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crystalworks 01-26-2021 03:44 PM

Happy birthday! Appropriately themed desserts. That cake sounds positively delicious.

Those cookies look almost identical to what we had at the wife's sprinkle for our boy. Will have to see if I can find a picture.

andrewwynn 01-27-2021 11:34 AM

Non Sequitur: BMW cool things

Originally Posted by EODguy (Post 1198596)
I would hope you finish them, just not all at once.

Remember no one likes a quitter [emoji1787]

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Birthday shot.

haigha 01-27-2021 01:24 PM

Happy Birthday, belated, Andrew!

Amazing cake, great to hear it was delicious too :thumbup:

Overboost 01-27-2021 08:54 PM

She's a keeper brother. :thumbup:

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