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jokgga 05-18-2021 11:08 PM

2004 X5 3.0 audio (hifi) system not working.. any help appreciated
Hey all,

Figured I would introduce myself to this forum with my first issue on this X5, I just bought.

I am trying to install a replacement MID unit or preferably an Android head unit but am having trouble getting sound.

This car is non nav / non dsp and has the HiFi standard system amp in the back turnk and is also set up for a CD changer/Phone :

S639 Preparation F Mobile Phone Cpl. USA/CDN
S645 BMW US Radio
S650 CD Drive
S661 Radio BMW Business (C43)
S676 HiFi Speaker System
S692 Preparation, BMW 6-CD Changer I-Bus

I bought this car and the original Multi Unit turned on but had no sound and the pixels were mostly dead. I took it out and replaced it with a AVIN Android Unit and assumed it would be plug and play as my unit did not have DSP / NAV. When I did install (just the 40 pin plug), the sound was working the first day (with a giant buzz on the rear driver side speaker) but it was working.

The next day, the system turned on but I had no sound or buzzing. I tried another android unit (Seicane) and same thing, no sound. I finally tried an OEM Multi Unit that I bought and tried plugging that in, but it won't even power on (same now with my old broken one).

I am assuming that my rear amp is fried but wanted to check with anyone here if that is likely the case. Is it my understanding that the rear amp powers the speakers and the android headunit that connects to the 40PIN is just connecting to the amp in the rear.

Also would love to get feedback on what my best options are:

1.) Replace OEM AMP 65128379376 - Easiest Method, but will this be enough to power an android unit? I am not too concerned about sound quality.

2.) Replace Aftermarket - Assuming this would be a much more complex method and would require a professional; however, is this worth the effort as I do see cheaper new Alpine Amps.

3.) Do they android units have a built in amp and is that why my sound was working for a day?

4.) What could the reason be why my oem Multi Units won't even turn on? Are they locked until I reset my batter?

Notably looking for help from @Crowz who I have been reading posts on.

Thanks all for the help.


Len 12-11-2021 05:12 PM


I know this is a late reply but in case anyone comes across this thread I had a similar issue. I lost audio on both left channels with my Android unit and returned it. Then had same issue with the stock radio. Turned out my amp was partly submerged in water due to blocked sunroof drains. I cleared the drains months ago and dried out the right side where my sub was in water but stupidly forgot to check the left side which has the telematics unit and amp. Iíve been having battery drain issues and radio issues so this makes perfect sense now. The TCU has a connection to IBUS which was probably draining the battery.

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