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saf530d 08-08-2006 12:41 PM

upgraded my sat nav
i finally upgraded my sat nav on my 530d. i had a few problems with getting the cd key.
i managed to download the cd key after hours of searching on the net on sunday. and it all works well. i tried to do it without the cd key and just put version 24 sat nav cd in there, and it worked then it said insert cd key so i got nervous and i turned the car of and when i had got the cd key got back into the car 3 hrs lata, i thought i would need to reload the v24 back onto it, but i didnt it just said insert cd key, after i had done that it was fine... :D
was there a more up to date version i could have downloaded than v24 for my mk3 sat nav, cd version??? was going to download v27 but it said it was a risk so i didnt...

i have split screen now and better arrows but dont have postcode search. is that all i can get for my mk3 version? what kind of extras did anyone else get who has done it?
and is your system a lot faster now as i havent noticed that much difference?
but it looks and displays much better directions with arrows, the only thing it did bfor and it doesnt now is when you change the cd in the changer from the stereo it doesnt go to the screen it was in bfor, e.g. computer or gps, it displays the cd screen and doesnt go back. is that same for other people?

jaza45 08-17-2006 12:05 AM

can you tell me where to get the cd key , Im in the same boat right now, wanting to upgrade but I cant find the cd key ...thanks

UCrewX5 08-17-2006 08:07 AM


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