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willy_manily 12-05-2006 07:08 PM

Whats So Good About MK4 ???
I was just thinking whats so much better about the Mk4? why is the mk4 dvd when the nav discs arnt even dvds? Is it faster reading discs? or is it just so bmw can say they have the latest tech?


ncx 12-05-2006 07:12 PM

To name a few differences....

MK4 is faster looking up locations, faster gathering data, smoother scrolling of position while driving, better graphics, and uses 1 DVD instead of 6 CD's for North America.

...and most of all...

it looks way better with perspective mode, has changeable backgrounds and POI's, and customizable menus thanks to the almighty tekno geeks that share their knowledge on xoutpost.com

willy_manily 12-05-2006 07:27 PM

Yeh good point. I used to own an 03 x5 3.0d with all the options and i noticed that the gps on that was better than the one i have now with the scrolling. But i had the x5 in 03 and i didnt know nearly as much about them as i do today lol.

stygian7 12-05-2006 08:03 PM

The MKIV processor is 108MHz vs 54MHz in the MKIII. That is the main reason why it is faster. More current firmware updates may also be related to the speed.

willy_manily 12-05-2006 09:00 PM

ahh i c, do you think that all the new maps will be on a cd?

stygian7 12-05-2006 09:29 PM

The MKIV maps are on a single DVD for North America and a single DVD for Europe as far as I know. The MKIV is capable of reading CD maps as well, but you would be wasting one of the biggest advantages of the MKIV by using CDs instead of the DVD maps.

Maybe some countries maps don't require a DVD for all the info, so they just use a CD. I see you have an Australia flag next to your name...maybe Australia falls into this category. I also see the Sweden flag? Where are you located...I would think Sweeden would be on DVD, but maybe not.

willy_manily 12-05-2006 10:14 PM

I am located in australia lol

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