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Jasonkruys 02-15-2009 10:33 AM

Custom POI's, searchable?
I have purchased the excellent Pimp My Nav software, to make adding POI's to my NAV DVD painless.

The question I have, is are these custom POI's searchable? Has anyone used PMN or any other method to add POI's and been able to search/filter them?

What I mean by that, is I have created a Custom 'Food' category, and bunged all my restaurant-type POI's for the UK in there. There are some occasions, when I might want to only look for 'Burger King', but when I enter that into the filter box on the nav system, and select search - nothing happens! Only by entering nothing and clicking search will it display any (all!) POI's in that category.

I don't want to go down the route of having a custom category for each type of restaurant, that would mean doing several different searches every time I want to find somewhere close to eat!

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a limitation of adding POI's to your NAV?

Also as as side note, is there any way of knowing which POI's are on your route? Quite often I will select a POI and be directed back in the direction I have just come from, something which I would rather not do.

KiwiJochen 02-15-2009 11:29 AM

Sure, POIs are searchable. I added 300 POIs from my company, and could search on various categories. It all comes down to what custom fields you create for your POIs, and how you make your search form. The search form is plain HTML, so with a little HTML experience you can make it what you want.

Have a look at the search form for Hotels, that often has a bit more detail in the search form (and in the IDX file)

There's nothing to stop you looking for POIs with radius n, with name starting with letter X, or with any other category that you add to the IDX index file.

Remember: the search happens on the IDX file. The search results are then displayed from the URL file. So any custom categories have to be added to the IDX file.

If your search form is returning no results, then there is a mismatch between the fields used in the search form and the fields that exist in the IDX file

As for POIs on route - that's a limitation of the BMW nav. It searches for POIs within a radius of your position, not along the route.

Jasonkruys 02-15-2009 01:21 PM

Thanks for your reply. I am using Pimp My Nav, and with that, have no control over the IDX file - I assume it does all of this automatically. From that, I assume that not being able to search within my added POI's is a limitation of the Pimp My Nav program. I did email the creator of the program a while ago, and he said that 1 other user had reported the problem and would look into it....since then, nothing, despite emailed for an update.

I guess from here, I need to find out if there are any users on this board using Pimp My Nav that CAN search within their custom POI's, to determine if it is an issue with the software, or an issue with how I am using it!

Many thanks

KiwiJochen 02-15-2009 07:11 PM

Check what field is being used in the IDX file, and what the search form is using.

Simply view both in a text editor. You will see the field names.

Jasonkruys 02-16-2009 05:20 PM

I've had a look at the DVD, and it all looks far to complicated for me :confused:

I guess I will have to just put up with the custom POI's being non-searchable. It must be something I am doing wrong, or something wrong with my POI's.

I have asked around, and no-one has given me any feedback if this happens to them or not when using this software - I have been in contact with the developer, and it is news to him, so much so that I think he is having difficulty understanding exactly what the issue is. If it was an issue with the software, surely he would have lots of reports :dunno:

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