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fulvy70 10-02-2011 03:26 PM

E53 16:9 screen lost one color
Hello all,
have anybody had a similar issue: suddenly the screen of my nav. ( MKIV 16:9 V31) started to show images as they are missing a color, probably blue. All looks OK, all works just fine and display fine, radio, navigation , configuration etc. just that the colors are like washed out. All would be fine if not that it is kind of difficult to read maps when navigating i.e. the white path does not stand out over the other details, city areas looks like water etc. The other strange thing is that "sometimes" (maybe temp. related but cannot replicate) the screen works again normal with proper colors.

Any help will be much appreciated.

regards Fulvio.


while browsing I found this (google did not help :dunno: ):


---update 2 ---

It looks like the problem indeed was with the flat cable connecting the body of the on-board-computer/radio and the tilting screen. I took the unit out, placed on a clean workbench and opened it -carefully- very -carefully- there are several screws and there are moments that the tilt display is connected to the body by only the flat cable, so be careful not to rip it ... After opening both units there is a double flat cable that needs to be re-seated, open the little bracket that holds the flat cable into the socket, take it out and put it back in. It was easy on the OBC body, harder on the screen: there the flat cable is held in position by two plastic pins that need to be removed in order to be able to slip the flat cable out. Use a screw-driver or better your finger nails ..it worked for me ... with the pins out loose the little bracket that holds the flat cable into the socket, take the cable out and push it back in ... reassemble all ... being again very careful not to rip the flat strip cable ...

I touch wood, iron, whatever is needed ... two days are passed and my screen is working fine with all colors :thumbup:

Hopefully this will help ...

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