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Scotty10 02-04-2014 07:20 AM

SAT NAV issue
Hi Guys Im having some issues that Im hoping you can help me out with,
First of all details on my car,

BMW X5 2006
3.0d Le Mans Blue Sport Edition (Auto)

The issue started when the battery went flat, I jump started the X5and now when i turn the car/screen on all i get is the old 80's looking blue screen with no option of sat nav on there. I've got the map disc in the unit it and I can hear instruction coming through the speaker (not to sure where its directing me tohttp://www.xoutpost.com/images/smilies/dunno.gif) but not showing anything on the screen.

In addition if I select the "Television" option I again can hear the sound coming through the speaker but no picture comes on the screen.

Fault Finding,
So far I've disconnected the fuses and battery and left out for a few hours etc, when the battery was disconnected I stuck it on charge for a good few hours, not sure what else I could try or what is it that need to be replaced.

Any help is much appreciated.


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