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LeMansX5 04-25-2006 02:53 PM

BMW 7-Series Spy Photos
To be released in October of 2007.



R8DX5 04-25-2006 03:00 PM

The front is a little Audi-ish (2nd Pic)

Wagner 04-25-2006 03:03 PM

Seems in an effort to make the bumper and hood flow they did take on a Audi-ish look.

Michelle 04-25-2006 03:05 PM

It looks more Volvoish than Audiish...imo.

Bavarian 04-25-2006 10:10 PM

Didn't they just do a facelift in the fall?

Juanted 04-25-2006 11:25 PM

Too Volvo-ish...

JJF 04-25-2006 11:28 PM

No matter what--it actually looks better.

at4689 04-25-2006 11:30 PM

i like it , i always loved the 7 series...

AutoXer 04-25-2006 11:38 PM

The first one just looks so funny, reminds me of the Toyota Celica. I still have not gotten use to the current 7 series look yet and it's been 4 years!

Bavarian 04-25-2006 11:44 PM

Why are they doing another facelift? They just did one with the 2006+ sedans!

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