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JCL 12-23-2007 03:43 PM

Question on Dinan 3.0tt software flash
2008 535i, 2100 km. Engine is just loosening up, and it has lots of power and torque for daily driving. That said, aftermarket performance mods for engine control software are intriguing. Unnecessary, but intriguing. I would have to change the line under my screen name.

I have read about the Vishnu Procede (various versions, up to 2.02). It gets good reviews. I am not particularly worried about engine durability at the boost levels they are using, but it is a consideration. The Juice Box Turbo Tuner is cheaper (not really an issue) and has similar performance, depending on software version.

So now Dinan enters the fray. They are claiming 384 hp on the 335, with improved throttle response, approximately 50-60 hp gain. I don't need other items to achieve that as I have the factory oil cooler. Some debate over whether the larger air box is required, and there is a delay until they can flash my '08, as apparently it uses a different ECM plug than the '07, which has not yet shipped to Dinan dealers.

The Dinan version has the Dinan reputation, which I interpret as proven, reliable, expensive, not at the ragged edge, and with cooperation from BMW so as to address potential warranty issues. Importantly, my selling and servicing dealer is a Dinan store, and could do the upgrade. That gives me a SPOC, or single throat to choke, for warranty issues, although as I said above I don't think these boost levels are near the limit for the 3.0tt N54 engine.

Before someone says Magnuson-Moss, realize that that is a US federal law not applicable outside the US. I think that the relationship with the dealer is the key here, as there is no grounds for denying warranty for an unrelated failure, but at the same time there is a gray area surrounding potential related failures (injectors, fuel pumps, etc) if they happen.

Have people been happy with their Dinan purchases? Is it worth $500 more than the Vishnu piggyback to get the Dinan name, and to have my dealer involved in the process, but thereby giving up future upgradeability as Vishnu further develop their product? Has anybody tried the Dinan flash upgrade on the N54 yet? Procede adopters, feel free to chime in.

SANguru 12-23-2007 11:05 PM

Jeff.. LOL @ dinan reputation. Do a search for Dinan and sawzall and M5/Z8 and you will find a lot of horror stories. My E39 M5 was a dinan S2 and removed everything since when I dynoed it, it wasn't making the claimed HP and wasn't even close. Also since it is a flash, it will not be transferable like the JBTT or the Procede. I have Procede 2.02 and love it. It's making over 400hp with a few other mods. 10,000 miles on v1.47 and 3000 miles on V2.02. Loving it. Vishnu has a pretty good reputation and they do good work. I highly recommend them.

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