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omodos 06-21-2010 02:10 AM

resetting emission levels deteriorated message on dashboard?
got the amber message on dashboard showing the exhaust emission levels have deteriorated, is there anyway to reset this easily by myself?2002 318 with n42 engine.....

JCL 06-21-2010 03:38 AM

First you would have to fix the problem that caused the emission levels to deteriorate.

omodos 06-21-2010 03:59 AM

ok here is the story wife has a bad habit of running the 318 on reserve petrol supply! i told her not too, and noticed on startup while still in park the car seems to rough idle, the same alos when shifting into D or R, then after a few minutes it is fine, then fine in D at lights etc...so maybe a good or bad idea I dump some stp total fuel system cleaner in the gas tank and the roughness has gone, so maybe fuel impurities caused the emission level issue on dash?that is why it would be great if someone knew how to reset it easily?

JCL 06-21-2010 06:00 PM

You need to get the codes read otherwise you are just shooting in the dark. In North America that light is generally referred to as a Service Engine Soon light. The one thing that is user-resolvable is if the gas cap has been left loose, but in that case the light goes out by itself in a few days. The codes will reveal what has failed, and then you can go from there.

The only light that you can reset yourself is the maintenance reminder that tells you to get the oil changed, for example. Not sure if that model has the lights or not (I think it just shows service requirements when you turn the key on), but that is where the idea of the owner-reset often comes from.

haigha 06-21-2010 08:15 PM

You can read the codes yourself with a code scanner and many can reset the codes.

Here's another option for reading and resetting the codes, which I have, that let's you track even more data:

Amazon.com: Davis Instruments 8226B CarChip Pro (New Model): Automotive

omodos 06-22-2010 02:52 AM

thanks for all the replies, did read somewhere that a leak in the exhaust system can cause this, and yes oil inspection light was on but we changed oil very recently and did not reset, I think I reset this last nite via odometer counter reset button on the dash and holding it down whilst turning key to position 1.....for sure the car is dead smooth at idle now after adding the stp fuel additive to a full gas tank......

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