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lhordmclain 02-06-2015 08:04 PM

SIB 630610 - E90 (3 Series) from August 31, 2008 to February 2, 2010
My local BMW dealership filed a good will claim and it got approved by BMW NA. They also provided a courtesy diagnostics (no out pocket for me).

LCI E90's have come to have an issue with their LED Tail light running lights. However, there may not be any fault codes to let you know you have lighting issues. The problem is caused by faulty wiring for the LEDs and this repair kit will correct this issue.

SIB 630610: LEDs in rear lamp inoperative

Part #: 63214871753 ( repair kit) covered by the good will claim.

Labor: $116.90 ( my only out of pocket expense) GOOD LUCK to owners that will experience this issue. I hope this can help,the repair kit part is not too expensive. Do not buy the partial assembly for example the right outer running LED tail light P/n: 63217289430, look into repair kit it covers both left and right rear tail light with in the SIB.

I was confused at first coz realoem do not have this kit yet, when I did PN# search.

ECStuning, FCPeuro and BMW of Alexandria have this repair kit available and searchable online. Pretty sure your local dealership have it ;)

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