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Bigtop 08-16-2007 12:04 AM

Correct size or over-sizing 19" tires
I am awaiting my new X5 4.8 with 19" wheels sport package. When I go to Tirerack and see upgrading tires only. When you enter in the year 2007, 4.8 sport it states that OEM is 20" wheels. Mine I am pretty sure is coming from the factory with 19" rims. Is Tirerack wrong on OEM size for an 07 X5 4.8 w/ Sport Package?

So if i just choose 19" and then when I select optional upgrade 19" tires it gives the option to put larger tires on the back (285/45-19)and smaller ones on the front (255/50-19 ). What is the advantage of doing this over having the same size on all four 19" rims. Will my car come with the same size tires on all 4 rims, or will it come with larger tires on the back rims?? I know that I could upgrade my car to come with the 20" rims that were wider rims at the back than the front, hecne the huge tires on the back with this package, however, I did not do this. So even though my rims are 19" and same width all around, can I still put the fatter tires of the back?

Sorry for my ignorance, I am just trying to learn what I can do with my new car.

motordavid 08-16-2007 07:51 AM

E70s are new model; there is not a plethora of tires, brand or size,
out there on the aftermkt yet.

Why would you want to peel off the tires on your new arrival
for an "upgrade"? When it's time to replace your oems I would
think you will have a few choices.

Maybe I don't get your question.

The BMW Build It site shows Style 211 19" wheels with 255/55-19 runflat tires for
the Sport Option. Unless you got another optional wheel&tire set, that should
be what's on your car when it comes. They do not appear to be staggered; you
would have a very difficult time stuffing wider/"rear staggered" aftermkt size
tires on your non-staggered rims. That's the best opin I can give based upon
an interpretation of your question.

[email protected] 08-20-2007 03:33 PM

Optional tire size for the 4.8 is 255/50R19 (runflat), but don't have any info on wheel size (I'd assume same width front and back)

Bigtop 08-21-2007 12:13 PM

Hi Doc,

you may want to check your website then. As it says that you can put the above mentioned oversized tires on the standard 19" rims that come with the sport package car. Also, when you select the 4.8i it asks you if you have sport package. If you select yes, it forces the 20" tires as the correct size. This is incorrect, with the sport package the standard wheel size is 19", however, if you want you can upgrade to the 20" wheels.

[email protected] 08-21-2007 05:16 PM

Sorry, we're at the mercy of BMW to share that kind of info. Last communication we had with them, the 20's were the "standard".

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