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beefster 12-21-2012 11:45 PM

real drink problem
I got my 2006 x5 diesel serviced about 6 weeks ago, the day after i got it back it lost power and started to smoke alot. It turned out that the air filter got snapped being put in and was blocking the air flow. I got that sorted but since then it can't get enough diesel, all filters were changed in the service. I also changed the battery and twice since that smoke started to come out of the passenger side of the jeep, under the front door. Any help would be much appreciated

X5Sport 01-08-2013 06:02 PM

The smoke from the front will be from the Webasto coolant heater on the right side of the engine bay - rectangular box marked 'Thermo Top' - which runs during cold weather to bring the engine coolant temp up faster. The exhaust for it is under the front passenger seat and you'll see a little exhaust system under there.

It should not smoke though. Mine never did.

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