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1jwhite 04-03-2015 12:27 PM

X5M 2012 Lemmon
I bought the vehicle pre-owned with 43k miles and it now has 45k miles 4 months later with 7 visits to the dealership.

1. Stranded on my way home from purchasing the vehicle with high pressure fuel switch and fuel pump failure.
2. Coil pack cylinder 1 failure.
3. Coil pack cylinder 4 failure.
4. Battery Failure
5. Coil pack cylinder 6 failure.
6. Coil pack cylinder 3 failure.
7. Speaker failure and passenger door lock actuator failure.

I have 5 weeks of factory warranty left and really want out of the vehicle. I have had Porsche, Land Rover and many other high end cars and have NEVER had issues like this with any vehicle. I have called BMW and they offer no assistance.

Anyone have any suggestions besides never buy BMW again!?

motordavid 04-03-2015 03:20 PM

Texas Lemon Law from a quick net search:
TXDMV.GOV - Lemon Law

Scroll down and it also includes brief language on a used car, still covered under oe warranty.

Search This Forum turned up a few threads on TX Lemon situs; I didn't read them and they may or may not be of help, but give it a try.

Also, GOOG'ing TX Lemon Law turns up pages of barristers willing to chase case for a fee.

No expert, but that continual coil pack failure reeks of an ongoing/unfixable problem, but I am on the back row of the Peanut Gallery.

Others may have better direction/advice.
GL, mD

THESONofSAM 04-21-2015 10:45 AM

Damn I just bought an '11 X5M and reading this scares the shit outa me

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