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vitaman 09-19-2010 09:35 AM

For the last 2 weeks sound has been an iffy thing. Sometimes the amp powers radio, Satellite, CD etc. Sometimes dead silence. No rhyme. No reason.
Dealer says the amp has a glitch. They have to get one from Germany so it could take a few weeks. Anyone else had this problem?
As an aside, for those of us that just have one car, it is a revelation to climb back in the X5M after a few days in a 328. An aside on an aside, it's interesting to see which technology has become ubiquitous and which has not. The 328 has volume controls on the steering wheel but a radio circa 1993 and no Iphone integration.

998M 09-19-2010 09:30 PM

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I had radio, sat and a bunch of other stuff go out when someone forgot to make sure a grommet was properly installed. Water from the sunroof was pouring into the compartment inside the right rear fender. This is where a lot of eletronics are located. This grommet is located on the right side at the rear hatch. It connects the hatch to the main body. Here is a picture of it. Best to check to make sure this is secure.


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