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rootehound 08-14-2018 04:00 PM

ABS / DSC Module
Re: 2005 X3, 2.5, 134K, Automatic Trans...

I had the ABS / Brake / 4x4 lights come on on my dash. A scan showed that it needed the right rear speed sensor. I bought an OEM one and all was well. For about 1500 miles. Then the lights came on again. Same codes. (5E42 & 5E3E) Replaced the new one with another new one and all was well again. For about 1000 miles. Then they came back on again. I am either the unluckiest man in the world and bought 2 bad wheel speed sensors or it's something else.

Some research showed that a bad ABS module could show up as a wheel sensor issue. I'm thinking about buying a used ABS module - a few reputable used parts shops have them for reasonable prices - but was wondering if a used one will need to be / can be coded to the car?

I had a Saab a number of years ago that needed a part that couldn't be coded to the car. I had to send the used one out to be wiped clean. Anyone have any idea if this is the case for the X3 ABS module? If so, anyone know of a company that does this (well) with BMW parts?


jsoto 08-14-2018 06:09 PM

ABS will need to be coded in

rootehound 08-14-2018 06:12 PM

Thank you!
Will I need to have everything cleared form the new (used) module, or will I be able to code it in without having it cleared?

rootehound 10-05-2018 02:00 PM

An update... I found a good used ABS / DSC module and had it successfully coded. It was installed and THE SAME CODES CAME BACK.

Long story short.. After doing some research we checked the reluctor rings. They were out of round and the ABS sensors occasionally touched them. Eventually, this destroyed the sensor.

There is a company in the UK that sells the reluctor rings. I ordered them this morning.

This has been a semi-expensive live and learn lesson, I guess.

I'll update if the reluctor rings turn out not to cure the problem. I'm pretty sure they will, though. (Of course, I was pretty sure the new ABS module would fix it, so what do I know? ;-) )

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