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cn90 09-20-2018 11:01 PM

What Spark Plug is everyone using? Any feedback?
I understand that factory is the 4-prong NGK 3199 (BKR6EQUP).

I have recently used Iridium BKR6EIX in my 2006 X5 3.0i 6spMT and like it.
I wrote a DIY here...

DIY: 2006 X5 3.0i Spark Plugs using NGK Iridium BKR6EIX


I just wonder what everyone is using out there for your E83...

80stech 09-20-2018 11:14 PM

I am on same page with the plugs. Single electrode is better than 4 and iridium is excellent.

cn90 10-04-2018 12:00 AM

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- My 2004 X3 2.5i M54 engine with 84K miles, stock Bosch spark plugs.

- Interestingly, after I posted the above message, I got the codes of "misfire cylinder #3 and #5".

- Initially though to be ignition coils, replaced with good known coils, same codes: misfire in Cyl #3 and #5.

Replaced with six (6) brand-new Iridium single-prong plugs and all is well now.

Then I looked at the Factory Bosch 4-prong plugs, I realized that there is wear at the tip of the prong. I guess the spark keeps looking for the SHORTEST distance, so once a prong is worn down a tiny bit, it looks for another prong. After millions of cycles, all 4 prongs wear evenly...

NEW: about 1.5 mm thick.
AFTER 84K miles, about 0.8 mm thick, enough to cause misfire.

The bottom line is: no spark plugs last more than 80K (well they do, but fuel efficiency goes down), so no matter if you use factory Bosch/NGK 4-prong or NGK Iridium, check for gap (on the Iridium) every 30K and replace every 60K...That is what I will do from now on...


80stech 11-16-2018 11:40 PM

Iridium plugs don't wear much (which is the point of the iridium). I have had Toyotas with 400k and original plugs. I have taken them out at about 180k and still looked almost new and went back in.

cn90 11-18-2018 02:41 PM

- No spark plugs last 400K.
- It may "look" OK but the performance (good spark) is degrading slowly..
- For Iridium spark plugs, most pros recommend changing it every 70K-80K etc.

- If you look CAREFULLY, the wear is on the PRONG side and not so much on the electrode side.

80stech 11-18-2018 04:52 PM

A slight bit of wear is not a problem and is probably only a fraction of what you would see on a regular plug and still consider it good. With some newer ignition systems not putting out the voltage they used to it does make sparkplug wear/gap a bit more of a concern though. I am curious as to what you call "good spark" from a spark plug ? What does a degraded spark look like ??

jwbekens 09-01-2019 09:35 PM

NGK Laser Platinum Plugs
My 2006 X3 at 118,000 miles is running great. So, today I replaced the original OEM Bosch plugs. I used NGK Laser Platinum, also OEM plugs. They were $38 for 6 of 'em plus tax on Amazon. Whole thing took about 45 minutes. I left the strut brace in place. I did remove the cabin air filter housing to get to the back 2 plugs/coils. It is only 4 T30 screws to loosen and only adds 10 minutes to the job (I cleaned out all the leaves and pine needles and spray detailed it before reinstalling). My coils were easy to remove by hand. The plugs came out easily. I have been averaging 25.5 mpg on the highway with the old plugs at 70 mph (just got back from a 900 mile trip to drop daughter off at college with a full veheicle.) The old plugs looked pretty good at 118K miles.

NGK BKR6EQUP 3199 plugs.


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