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vince59it 11-22-2012 01:31 PM

reset/initialization after battery replacement
Is there anything to initialize after battery replacement?

I have different information. Owner manual says to initialize safety switch for power window, while TIS says to reset steering sensor done by the "stealer"...anything about?

kornholio 11-24-2012 12:12 AM

change mine last winter on my 2006 ... nothing special ... no reset

the DTC come on after the first start and come off early after start driving.

cleung 11-29-2012 10:14 AM

I think you only need to reset things if they are not working properly afterwards. this could include steering senor, windows, sunroof, radio etc. If you don't want to have to reset stuff what I did was hooked up the front battery posts from the x3 to my other car before disconnecting the battery that way the x3 would keep all its settings via the battery power from my other car. You just need to be careful not to accidentally ground the power when swapping the batteries.

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