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Rookie48 07-19-2019 08:39 PM

X3 2.8i exhaust valve mod
Been searching all over to find how any F25 2.8i owners (mine is a 2015) have modded the exhaust valve to keep it open at all times. The drivers side (of the side by side exhaust pipes) has a spring loaded valve that looks difficult to force into the open position.

Does anyone have a link to a YouTube DIY video, or instructions on how to force the valve to remain open at all times? I did see a post that suggested simply disconnecting the solenoid valve in the drivers side rear panel. No change as the valve actuator needs vacuum to open (the valve defaults to the closed position), and the solenoid defaults also to a closed position.

Any help would be appreciated. Simply looking to let the engine breathe a little better and sound a little better.

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