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billdo 03-29-2015 05:33 PM

Transmission - When did yours die?
Just curious when people have had their transmissions die.

I may just be paranoid, but every since I found out my transmission is made by GM, I feel like it is gonna die.

I have a 03 3.0i with 111k. The transmission is fine on flat roads, but seems to shift harder on mountain roads. I have not seen any slippage yet, just hard shifts that I am not used to. (probably standard on most GM cars)

Also I have been afraid to change the ATF filter after reading some posts where it went bad after new fluid was put in. And I have not done the diff fluids either.

mam4.6 03-29-2015 06:38 PM

Quit being paranoid, it messes with the ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE! :D I do know where you're at tho, I'm scared of mine as well, but decided a long time ago worrying never did anybody any good, so I'm enjoying it while I can, and saving for when it all goes down, LOL..! I'm at 150K original tranny/transfer case/torque converter...

Joshdub 03-29-2015 07:04 PM

Mine shifts buttery smooth. But then again, I don't leave those choices up to the BMW.

upallnight 03-29-2015 08:17 PM

The X owners with dead trans died of heart attacks when told the cost to fix or replaced the trans. The X was sold for pennies on the dollars by their Estate because it had a dead trans.

billdo 03-29-2015 09:35 PM

I have put so much money into the car to keep the motor in pristine condition. I would just hate for the tranny to die.

upallnight 03-29-2015 10:09 PM

The car that I had before buying the X was an Audi Avant. It died on the interstate and rather than having it towed back to my house and rebuilding the engine, I donated it to kars 4 kids. If the X trans should crap out on me that what I'm going to do with the X and get another tow vehicle, probably something that's American.

billdo 03-29-2015 10:55 PM

Has anyone noticed a benefit from changing the filter and fluid? Or is it drive it to it dies?

admranger 03-29-2015 11:17 PM

Mine shifts smoother after the trans fluid change I did. There is anecdotal evidence that suggests that new fluid with fresh additives (detergents) will dislodge some crud that has accumulated and clog a valve body. Others scoff at that and say change it.

I wouldn't do a full flush if I were you, but maybe drop the pan and refill after putting in a new, OE filter (don't cheap out here). Also, use the correct ZF fluid for your transmission, Lifeguard6 (I think yours is a 6-speed, right?).

While you're at it, dump the diff fluid and the x-drive fluid and replace. Any 75w-90 synthetic diff fluid is fine. Use only the BMW x-drive fluid which is pretty expensive (~$50/liter -- it only takes one liter). You should reset the x-drive adaptations via BMW's diagnostic software.

JCL 03-30-2015 01:01 AM

If it is shifting fine, I wouldn't do anything to it. If it is not shifting fine, do a fluid change and make sure you change the filter. Has shifting changed recently?

Don't worry about GM Powertrain. The shifting characteristics were determined jointly by BMW and GM Powertrain. It shift firmly but smoothly.

The 3.0 does not have a ZF transmission. Follow the tag on the transmission, but I expect it was Dexron III, now upgraded to Dexron VI.

Diffs aren't a problem to do.

Transfer case is similarly straightforward. It isn't x-drive, so I believe it is Dexron again. No computer reset required.

asma123 03-30-2015 03:37 AM

I would do a fluid change just as a precaution... a 13yr old fluid can't be good..
I did it on my 2002 e53 4.4 and there was big improvement in shifting..
Make sure that you use original fluid. don't go and change it around.

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