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JasBib 12-06-2018 08:33 PM

Evaporator emission contol valve issue
Today I went to install a new evap purge valve as the last one might have been the cause of the P0444 code I was getting.

I pulled out the two electrical connectors and with much difficulty another connector that is just a tube connected to the purge valve with a larger rubber tube sleeve over it. I pulled too hard and the tube came out at the other end, deeper into parts unknown. I tried very hard to feel for where it was but there was way too many things in my way until I found an open pipe of the same size but without any sleeve over it that would imply this is where I pulled the initial tube out of. I thought maybe the sleeve came off both ends and could not for the life of me find where I pulled the tube from initially! Eventually I gave up and thought I'd see what would happen If maybe this was the tube that came off so I made a sleeve and connected both ends.

I ran the car and it was a bit of a rough idle but the CEL wasn't coming back on until about 15 minutes later. I had a feeling I might have plugged the wrong tube but I don't know what that random tube would be doing around there not connected to anything.

The CEL codes are vast and varied: P0300, P1348, P1352, P1346, P1350, P0171, P0174. Misfires, running thin, ect. ect.

I've managed to turn a insignificant issue into a catastrophe! Please help.:rolleyes:

Did I plug the wrong tube or is the valve defective.

80stech 12-06-2018 08:51 PM

There should be 2 tubes, one goes under the intake manifold to manifold vacuum and the other goes towards the fender and back towards the gas tank. Maybe get yourself a picture from u-tube or real oem so you can compare.

JasBib 12-06-2018 09:00 PM

Im having a hard time describing this, Im aware, as I dont even know what the names of the two hoses are.

So Im betting I plugged it into the manifold vacuum which is why I'm misfiring and running thin.

Now to find where It came out from... The tube is about 12 inches long with an almost 90 degree elbow at the last 3 inches. Don't know if it was pointing towards the fender or the engine, I was looking towards the engine. You're saying the tube was plugged into another pipe near the fender? The fan is there, not sure where else it could be!

e39_touring 12-07-2018 12:35 PM

Keep in mind that there is a small tube in that area that doesn't plug into anything. It's the breather tube for the transmission, the top of which just hangs out in the vicinity of the purge valve. It's a harder plastic tube with a 90 bend at the top that points toward the engine.

JasBib 12-07-2018 01:26 PM

I went back in this morning and still couldnt find the tube with the sleeve I was looking for and rechecked what I had hooked up yesterday. Turns out I didnt properly seat the two tubes and the longer one that goes down into the manifold?? had disconnected there as well. The case of the missing sleeve is still a mystery but I reconnected everything with much difficulty as its a very small space and the car seemed to be idling pretty rough initially but I took it for a drive, got up to 120kmh and everything seems relatively fine now without the CEL coming back on. Im just curious about the still moderately rough idle although barely noticeable. My Forester can do this if I disconnect the battery and dont reset the idle, does the BMW do this as well?

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