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johngrefe 01-06-2019 04:26 PM

N62 '06 Power Steering Pump Assembly
Hi there,

Now that I'm getting everything back together, I had taken the PS Pump out to do an ink inspection. On reassembly there is a bracket that goes across the top two bolts of the PS pump, that holds a high pressure line in place. I think I've assembled the the bracket in the wrong position (on top of the pump), instead of behind it as starting the engine it started to eat a new serpentine belt on the ridge. I figure this is because the pump is supposed to be spaced out by the bracket. Can anyone confirm the assembly order for the N62 PS Pump w/ Air Cooled Alternator? I've looked up schematics and only found ones detailing the pump itself w/o the bracket included.

andrewwynn 01-06-2019 05:07 PM

I recall an adjuster screw on the top of the ps pump. I was careful not to touch that when r & r. There is very little clearance for serp

johngrefe 01-06-2019 05:19 PM

The N62 pump for the 4.4 is similar (if not the same) to the 4.8 it looks like. This is the pump I have, and I only pulled bolts 5 and 6 and the lines to remove. Since so much time has passed, I just don't remember my reassembly order here. No schematics seem to detail the bracket that goes across 5 and 6.


johngrefe 01-06-2019 05:45 PM

Bracket goes over the top. It's a one way ordeal because the bracket wont fit behind the compression bracket (5). Fault was a bad idle wheel that bolts to alternator.

mr_robot 01-06-2019 10:03 PM

Where you able to pull the pump out with out removing the pulley or is absolutely necessary?

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mr_robot 01-07-2019 06:22 PM

To answer my own question, its a YES!

Decided to replace a noisy PS pump for another one. Literally took me 30 min to replace it, very accessible and easy.

But I replaced it with another used pump and the original noise is gone with a new noise now....FML

johngrefe 01-07-2019 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by mr_robot (Post 1151355)
But I replaced it with another used pump and the original noise is gone with a new noise now....FML

See if anyone rebuilds PS pumps in your area. It's a dying art, but you can send the removed one out. I'm looking at this right now to see if they can increase the pressure slightly to give the wheel a softer feel.

mr_robot 01-07-2019 08:42 PM

I'm going to try the lubrizol friction modifier BMW used to recommend.

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mr_robot 01-24-2019 09:31 AM

Just updating my own thread, lubrizol helped a tad bit with the noise but still bothered me.

It only reduced it faintly and you could still hear it in the car.

Just bit the bullet and ordered a reman bosch unit and swapped it out only because it's an easy job on the n62.

No more noise quiet as it can be.

I guess whatever seal internally fails it fails beyond repair and no lubricant can't bring it back to life.

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