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synct 06-15-2019 11:39 PM

e53 center headlights dead - ground? LCM?
My 04 e53 center running lights recently went out, together, same time. I replaced the bulbs, headlight switch, high beam/directional stalk switch, checked the fuses. I'm thinking it's a ground somewhere. I have the Bentley Manual, but can't make any sense out of those diagrams.
I had them coded to stay on all the time.
I'm pretty sure I checked about the relay, and the LCM was replaced a few years ago, although I wouldn't dismiss that part.

Nothing shows up on diagnostics at the auto parts store...

Anyone have this problem? I'm thinking its a ground somewhere. How to test the LCM?

Zulu95 06-16-2019 08:10 AM

"Center running lights" -? Explain which lights.
Autoparts store diagnostics - ? Do they have GT1 or other specialized BMW interface device that can read codes other than general OBDII codes? Light circuit faults do not throw emissions problems codes most scanners read.

synct 06-16-2019 05:27 PM

Unfortunately, no. I'll have to find someone in North Jersey with one. Advanced Auto Parts and Pep boys don't have specialized scanners, and my Windows 95 PC with the BMW scanner is on strike.

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