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haigha 07-11-2019 11:49 AM

N62 automatic transmission fluid change questions
Hello! It's been a while since I've posted!

My 04 4.4 has just over 40k miles on it (garage queen!). It'll be 16 years old in October. There is a leak from the sleeve with the electronic wires. I need to drop the pan to replace the sleeve. As part of that procedure I will need to change the ATF.

I've read a number of useful threads here, including all 259 posts currently in this one:


I've also watched several videos, this two-parter being the most informative, though not specifically for the N62:


1. This diagram of the bottom of the pan shows the 17mm hex bit fill plug and 5mm hex bit drain plug on the bottom of the pan:


a. How is it that the fill plug is on the bottom of the pan? There is also an 8mm hex bit plug on side of the pan, on the passenger's side, which I would think would be used to fill the transmission. Is that the one to fill until it starts overflowing?

b. Can the 17mm hex bit plug be used to drain the ATF more quickly than the 5mm one?

2. The instructions linked to above say, in part: Step on the brakes firmly, apply parking brake fully and shift to D and R, briefly pausing in each position before shifting back to the Park position.

a. How long is briefly? Two seconds? Five seconds?

b. Is there any advantage to letting the wheels spin after shifting into gear, or could this damage the transmission or another component?

3. The ECS tuning kit I bought comes with the 5mm and 17mm hex bit plugs.


a. Shouldn't the 8mm hex bit plug mentioned above be replaced too?

b. There are two thick magnetic washers in the kit. I haven't seen any video mention them. They're in the second picture in the horizontal image gallery below the main picture in the link above. Any idea what they are for?

Sorry if I missed any answers to the above questions on the site. I did search and do a lot of reading.


wpoll 07-11-2019 04:49 PM

1. a. Yes, if you have this type of pan, you fill from the bottom. Such fun. You'll need a fluid pump. There is a standing "spigot" inside the fill port that is open at the top, at the correct fluid height. You fill until fluid runs back out fluid to temp, engine running).

1. b. Nope. It won't fully drain the fluid/pan. See 1. a. above.

2. a. ZF say 10 seconds.


2. b. Keep your foot on the brake.

3. a. Nope - don't touch the 8mm plug - it has nothing to do with the fluid change. It's a port used to access an internal bolt (I think).

3. b. These are magnets that collect fine metallic particles from the fluid. They are mounted inside the pan - you'll see once you get in there.

Hope that helps..

haigha 07-11-2019 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by wpoll (Post 1165707)

Hope that helps..

Awesome, great information, thanks very much!

I have a new Mityvac 7201 that I was planning to use to pump in the fluid:


Will that do the trick? If so, do I have to somehow get the tube inserted so that it is bent over so the ATF doesn't come back out the fill hole?

wpoll 07-11-2019 05:24 PM

Mityvac looks like it should work. Yes, you need a small hooked end on the hose going into the fill port.

This might help too...


haigha 07-11-2019 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by wpoll (Post 1165711)
This might help too...

Great information!

I noticed in the ZF link you sent earlier, it says in step 7 (running the engine) there are three variants mentioned but it doesn't give an explanation of how to tell which you have.

I'm guessing from your answer and the information provided in the thread I linked earlier, our N62 is variant C, all gears (P-D-R) for 10 seconds.

C all 10 sec. Keep engine speed at 2,000 rpm for 30 seconds to fill the torque converter with oil.

EDIT: Looking at the second PDF you linked to, it looks like we have variant A. (page 3) Is that correct? Shifting from 1st through 3rd gear manually seems to contradict the instructions in these forums.

Thanks again.

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