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lkv0315 07-13-2019 10:37 PM

Exhaust Tip Changes
So I have been searching for an answer on the internet for hours now and figured I might as well just ask. The factory exhaust tips on the 3.0i look like crap, frankly and I want some new ones. How are they attached? Is the tip welded directly onto the muffler or is there a bit of a buffer in between? I was looking at the kind that you just drill a hole into a piece of exhaust tubing and run a bolt through, but ultimately I want to get an actual tip. Looking for either the burnt chrome (buleish ends) or neochrome (rainbow chrome), any help/advice would be awesome!

Overboost 07-14-2019 08:29 AM

The factory tips are part of the complete muffler. You will need to cut them off and weld on what ever tips you decide to go with. The inlet size on your tips should be 2.5" and no larger than dual 3.5" outlet. Amazon has many tips to choose from so I would start with a browse the different tips available from there.


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