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E53blue4.8is 07-25-2019 11:29 AM

Another Self Level Susp Inactive thread...
Hey guys, sorry to start another thread for this but I haven't found any answers to what I'm looking for. I've been researching for a while with no results that'll help me. So here's the story....I have a 2006 4.8is that I bought a few months ago. Ever since I picked it up, the ride has been pretty rough, like really bouncy. I attributed it to the air suspension and didn't think anything more of it. After thinking back, I could raise it to the max height, but it wouldn't lower to the lowest height. I had other issues as well and replaced both front axles. I sat on jack stands for a couple days. After lowering it down and backing it out of the garage, the Self Level Susp Inactive warning was on and I was getting no air at all. I'm riding on the bump stops and it's awful. I can't get the compressor to fire up at all. I found a couple fuses that were completely missing but I can't figure out much else. Is there a way to jumper the compressor to force it on? I'd like to replace the system with BC Racing coils but that's in the cards right yet. I need to buy myself a month or so right now. I don't have any diag software to do a reset either. I'm looking into the INPA cable and stuff but there's so many different options for that too, that I'm confused. Anyone have a link to what I need for that too? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

LVR 07-25-2019 11:57 AM

Hi mate

Ok, the reality of the system is that anytime you do such major work (and assuming the sensors are back on correctly) you really do need to reset the EHCII module and then reset ride heights. There's no way around it.

There are a few ways to do this but in truth I've found ISTA the easiest and clearest to follow. You clear fault codes, reset the EHCII module and done.

Then you reset the ride heights.

It's likely not working because it's confused ie needs reset due to the pulling apart of the sensors.

It also has the ability to individually raise and lower each corner or each axle independently of each other. This allows you to test the operation of each of the struts and the compressor.

If the compressor is not working then there are refurb kits online that are cheap and easy to do.

essentially it is a process of elimination that will only work if you can reset after trying different things (ie you need the software)

ISTA is available through ebay and it loads on a laptop running win10 and win8 (I've done both). They come with the correct cable and in my case no pin soldering was required.


xbimma 07-25-2019 03:56 PM

Did you check your tires pressure?

BimmerBreaker 07-25-2019 03:57 PM

I found the procedure in ISTA to be pretty confusing personally, the one in INPA was pretty simple for me

Use the manual controller in INPA to adjust the ride height then go outside with a ruler and measure the heights
When they are at the factory specs, go to calibrate in INPA, (then hit calibrate again from that screen to bring up the actual calibration menu) then input 0 for everything

That's all you have to do to set the ride height in INPA

As far as setting INPA up - really any K+DCAN cable is fine. If you will be working on newer and older BMW's, get a cable that has the switch built in (this switch bridges pin 7 and 8, which need to be bridged on some BMW models and not others, depending on year)

In INPA, you can also manually power the compressor on to test it. There is also an EHC2 module test you can do. It will also show you what the ride height level sensors are showing (it is possible one of the height level sensor arms is binding at a bad angle, happened to my friend's E39 with SLS when he had it jacked it up for a few days)

ISTA should also be free to download if you choose ISTA instead of INPA. ISTA is much slower, but it does have many more things built in (DIS, SSS, Progman, etc, all were essentially rolled into ISTA) and works on the newer cars (up to current generation) though you need an "ICOM" unit to realize this full functionality of ISTA

xRide 07-25-2019 08:28 PM

Im having this same issue.

I have the software on my computer but I cant find my damn cable. The guys suggest I re-calibrate it but wow. I have no idea where the cable is. I bought 2 other cables and im not getting any connection to the truck.

I tried to contact the Romanian guy to see if I can repurchase the "package" but it looks like he no longer is on Ebay.

wpoll 07-25-2019 08:35 PM

One Stop Electronics… :thumbup:


Hellgomes 08-21-2019 03:15 AM

Mine have the error in the dash once, when switching radio, in battery zone but then disappear. For now is ok.
Maybe bad contact

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