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unknownE53 02-11-2021 07:02 PM

Someone pinpoint me to whatís going on
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2004 BMW X5 (e53 3.0l


upallnight 02-11-2021 08:42 PM

P0171 code means that, on the first bank of the engine, the fuel system is running weak or a vacuum leak exists near this side of the engine. A lean condition occurs when the engine either receives too little fuel or too much air. Most likely too much air.

P0505 is an indication the IAC is not working correctly and it can cause the engine to idle too low or high and the engine may stall when coming to a stop. ... The code may be from the engine has a vacuum leak and this can cause the engine to run rough and have poor fuel mileage. Does the IAC makes a rattling sound when you shake it?

rwilson 02-12-2021 06:59 AM

I was receiving p0171 & p0174 on 2006 3.0i,

I would attempt to use MAF sensor cleaning spray 1st and if that does not work replace the maf sensor to clear p0171 error

the spray worked for a few hundred miles but I did end up replacing sensor

spray about $8, maf sensor between $20 & $300(oem)

Effduration 02-12-2021 09:12 AM

A couple things....

A "Please" inserted somewhere in your post might be helpful.
It's often hard for us to pinpoint your exact problem, we can usually provide suggestions.

Identify the P-codes you are getting, few of us have them memorized.

Have you done any searching on these codes ???

You posted here 3+ weeks with the same codes..What have you done since? Did you get a smoke test done as was recommended then?

unknownE53 02-12-2021 11:54 AM

I did a smoke test nothing came out of the intake, I started getting p0171 & p0174 after I changed post cat o2 sensor on bank 2. After I did vcg bank 2 lean went away just p0171 persists. Iíve replaced the idle control valve , valve cover & gasket, took throttle and cleaned it, Iíve deleted the Ccv, Iíve replaced the vac line from fpr to intake boot , I did have wet oily spark plugs which I cleaned out along with coils and seemed to work no more misfires. Iím stumped on whatís going on with this thing.

ahlem 02-15-2021 07:50 PM

I would check the vacuum lines and rubber intake plumbing and be sure the rubber intake parts are properly installed with good hose clamps. I had a similar situation due to not seating the intake elbow and another time as a crack was developing. Porous crusty vacuum lines and old hard plastic hoses are common.

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