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Henn28 08-13-2021 11:51 AM

Intake Question
I'm hopeful someone can point me in the right direction regarding M62 intake options. I've read a fair amount on the inter-web, but am still confused.

I have a new long block 4.6 that will need an intake set-up (among other things). Since I'm planning on running my 4.4 DME with a slight retune from DUDMD to take advantage of the 4.6, but not have to swap diffs, torque converter, etc., my initial thought is/was to simply swap over the intake from my 4.4 (pn 1161145361), along with the rails, injectors, wiring, etc. onto my 4.6. In order to limit my time on the shared lift that I can use I considered grabbing a (virtually) complete intake setup from EBay, R/R the wear items and have the valley and intake already built up. 4.4 intakes in various stats of assembly are dirt cheap on EBay.

A stop on RealOEM to see what consumables, o-rings, etc. I needed to order has completely confused me however. In short, Real OEM lists intake part number 11611729528 (from 1991) for the 4.6, which I think must be the freer breathing (pre x5) M60 motor intake. However, this intake was "superseded" by 11611435361 in 1998 which is "non-exchangeable retroactively". Checking the xxx5361 part number shows that it is the intake for the 4.4 motor, but the 4.6 motor isn't listed as one that it was put on. This seems odd...or maybe I don't understand what "non-exchangeable retroactively" and "superseded by" means.

My thinking is that the 4.6 will run just fine with the 4.4 intake, assuming all the bolt holes, etc. line up, and this will be the cleanest, simplest thing to do. I also think that this intake must have come on the 4.6 motor, but Real OEM just isn't displaying that fact.

On the other hand, the larger M60 (4.6 part number) intake is only slightly more expensive on Ebay and could be an easy win for a few more HP. I do suspect that the CCV set up for the xxx361 intake is different (no vent pipe in the manifold), but I've read on the forums that the newer CCV set up will bolt up.

Thanks for any and all advice.

jcp240z 08-15-2021 01:03 AM

I think it is an error on RealOEM. The 5361 (4.4) intake was never used on the 4.6 motor

Here is an explanation from Bimmerforums
Discussion intakes gets strongly into the subject of fluid Dynamics. The 4.6is has more displacement which pulls more air, it revs to 6500 (higher than the 4.4) and has different camshaft profiles, it's quite different to the 4.4. Incidentally, the 4.6 makes both peak power and torque at higher RPMs than the 4.4...

There are so many intricacies regarding airflow, air intakes and getting air into the cylinder that without scientific testing it's difficult to draw conclusions. Typically, thinner runners increases air velocity which is important at low engine speeds when there isn't much suction from the cylinder tonavcelerate the drawn in air. At higher RPM, velocity of the air isn't (typically) the limiting factor and the actual volume of the air in the intake takes precedence when making power, hence larger diameter runners. You compromise one way or the other.

The DISA valve is a good example of an attempt to overcome limitations of a static intake by changing the length of the intake runners (length isn't the same as diameter of ofcourse, but it demonstrates principle, short runners are good for high rpm and long for slow engine speeds) Ferrari laferrari has an absurdly complex "infinitely variable intake length" system too.

So no single intake design is perfect. One may outperform another on average (total area under the torque curve on a Dyno graph) but there is always a compromise.

That said, the velocity stacks is quite an interesting addition that I'd LOVE to see results of with the M60b40 manifold on the tub44...

Henn28 08-15-2021 09:14 AM

Thanks for your reply JCP240z. Thatís a good discussion on the subject of intake manifolds. I do agree that RealOEM may be wrong as the parts-progression logic doesnít add up for me.

I think the M62TUB46 version was only manufactured from 1999 through 2004 but according to RealOEM the older, larger intake (M60?) was out of production by this point. Which, would only leave the 4.4 intake left to use.

At any rate, I believe the pieces are completely interchangeable from a fit perspective and that the later CCV set up found on the my 4.4 should work fine. Perhaps Iíll ask the tuner Iím planning on using about his thoughts on which to use. Iím mostly concerned about using the one that will work best with my DME, etc.

Henn28 08-19-2021 09:40 AM

Bought an intake
I ended up buying a very clean looking looking, long runner intake on Ebay yesterday, PN 11611729528. This pn coincides with what RealOEM lists as the OEM manifold for the 4.6, and which it seems was installed on a earlier M60/62 engines for many years.

After connecting with some knowledgeable E39 guys on the other forum, it seems that the M62TUB46 will run on any of the three intakes out there, but will run best on the xxx9528 intake. The gold standard seems to be the oldest of the M60 manifolds, which has velocity stacks on the runners but may need some modification, depending on application. These seem to be identifiable by one less (front) mounting point for the fuel rail and the absence of the small internal molded bracket/hole for the CCV vent pipe that runs from the valve back up to the front of the manifold. It also looks like there may be one less mounting point for the throttle assembly, but the photos I've seen aren't that clear on this point.

All three were available, as well as 4.4 intake options, so I grabbed the long runner manifold that is 100% common with the 4.4 plumbing and CCV set-up, and if RealOEM is to be believed, came on the 4.6is. This will make it much easier to order parts and consumables like O-rings, etc. and quickly swap pieces over from my 4.4 when the time comes.

The production dates for the xxx528 manifold in RealOEM don't add up with the 4.6is production dates, but perhaps its an error. Short of someone with a stock 4.6is looking at the PN on their manifold, who knows. The good news is that it seems that e39 guys are running all versions of the long runner intakes on M62TUB motors, with DME tunes and without.

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