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Shane2jz 09-22-2021 03:42 PM

EHC issues and 2nd intro
Hi, although this is going to show me as a new member posting for the first time, in fact I joined a few years ago, but its so long since I logged in, I have since left the job I was in and dont have access to that email address to retrieve my account. Had a few e53s now, all diesel and all manual.

So, on to my latest problem with my current X5 that has me a bit baffled. its a 2004 6sp manual diesel, M57 with Air on the rear, shocks on the front. I started getting the "Self levelling Susp inactive" message and by using INPA discovered that the RH rear sensor was not providing a meaningful output, INPA reported it was about 3.3v and didnt vary with conditions, Left hand side was fine. Fault code logged was something along the lines of no valid info within the prescribed time period. I replaced this sensor, probably foolishly, with a cheap ebay unit. This produced no output at all and I got the 0V error for the right side with an instant fault code generated, unlike the original sensor that took a short while after clearing to re-appear.

I bought a Febi sensor and this time it all looked great, could move the sensor arm and see the output vary on INPA, great I think, chucked it back together, cleared the codes, went for a drive with lap top hooked up and all looked great.....until I switched off the engine and bong, there it is, the 0v message back. Start the engine and I can see the output and working correct, clear the code, go for a drive and its fine right up until I back the key off when the code appears and the car starts to jack up to max, as it does when its inactive. Now, what's odd, when I back the key off, the left hand sensor still provides a meaningful output, however the new RH sensor drops to zero immediately the engine stops and the code is generated. I have pulled the EHC module and checked for dry joints, made sure the plug/socket looks ok. Do I have another rubbish sensor maybe. Anyone know what should be on what pin of the sensors? I have a scope and the ability to delve deeper if someone can point me to the sensor pin outs. Sorry for the long post, just trying to get as much info over as possible. Thanks in advance. Shane

andrewwynn 09-22-2021 04:29 PM

Are the left and rear sensors the same? If so swap just like you would to root out a problem with abs sensor or an ignition coil.

I don't know where the sensors go but if you can determine if the problem is at the sensor or upstream is the first step.

It's very likely a worn wire or connector upstream off the sensor.

Swap the sensors if you can if the problem stays right it's upstream on the right side if the problem Swiss sides it's in the sensor.

New ≠ fixed. Follow the symptoms regardless how new the part.

andrewwynn 09-22-2021 04:30 PM

Also: contact xo about possibly recovering your old account if you had a valuable history on xo.

Shane2jz 09-22-2021 04:44 PM

Thanks Andrew, they are the same yes, and I have considered awapping them, a little weary purely because the bolts and brackets to the sensors are a little tired, as was the case of the faulty RH sensor and don't want to kill a tired but functioning sensor. It its certainly worth a bit more thought, oddly, I have juat been out to collect my daughter and its currently clear and staying clear, sort of pointing as you suggest to a connection issue. I know that the sensor end of the loom on the L322 range rovers that share the same platform as our e53s suffer from cable failure and a section of loom and plug us available as a repair kit. I guess as they are so similar in design, it's logical to assume it could well be the case with the x5s. Will report back, when I have something to update the thread with.

andrewwynn 09-22-2021 04:50 PM

Intemittent and drop to zero hints at a broken wire that touches most of the time and opens at just the right conditions.

I had to refurbish the joints of both my rear level sensors and I recommend you do the same (or replace the arms that contain the joints). It's a defective design that will rust solid and will self destruct eventually.

The balls will pull out of the socket you can spin them in a drill to remove the rust and pack the joint with thick grease when you pop back together.

The bolts that hold the sensors are hardware common parts so don't be too concerned about breaking one.

Clavurion 09-22-2021 05:55 PM

If you have xenons with auto leveling the rear right sensor has 6 wires and separate circuits for both EHC and xenon leveling. The left side sensor has only one circuit so you can't swap them like that.

andrewwynn 09-22-2021 06:50 PM

Nice catch that kind of sucks for testing

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Shane2jz 09-23-2021 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by Clavurion (Post 1209991)
If you have xenons with auto leveling the rear right sensor has 6 wires and separate circuits for both EHC and xenon leveling. The left side sensor has only one circuit so you can't swap them like that.

I suspect that may be the case for 2 air axle vehicles, but not on mine. I have Xenons yes, but there is a separate level sensor for those, RH front. How do I know? Because it failed last winter and needed replacing before I could get it through the MOT as the beam was way out for the test.

In the meantime, here's a short video that possibly explains the EHC problem better.

Edit: Just found this and it could bre just what I need: https://www.pngegg.com/en/png-hkiqr Will take another look tomorrow.

andrewwynn 09-23-2021 09:39 AM

Xenon leveling looks at the front and back sensors both axles affect the headlight aim.

It's more common for faults on the front sensor (such as the arm getting flipped sideways vs. down) to cause the headlights to aim almost straight down but fault in the rear can cause similar problems.

Clavurion 09-23-2021 11:59 AM

Like said xenon leveling uses right side front and rear sensors.

If the vehicle has EHC2 + xenons there is a sensor on every corner and both right side sensors have two circuits ("doppelt" = double).


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