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keaganp90 07-08-2015 09:41 AM

HELP! Cannot open my hood.
Whenever I pull the hood latch, the right side of the hood opens but the left is still shut tight. I tried pounding on the left side with a closed fist while I pull up on the hood while pulling hood release between grill and nothing. My last resort is just getting it looked at by a mechanic but, even though I'm not that mechanically smart, I wanted to see if I could maybe fix it myself. Anyone run into this or have any input? Thanks!

2007 x5 4.8l v8

ZetaTre 07-08-2015 12:40 PM

Oh boy...

You're not the first person coming here with that very issue. It seems it sometimes happens: there's a junction/splitter box by the driver side fender that takes the single cable coming from the handle and dividing it into two that go to the each individual latch. The guess is that something brake in there and only one latch gets disengaged.

Unfortunately of the many people that had your similar problem, none actually came back and said how they resolved. We have proposed some things in the past, like accessing from below the engine with some sort of catch.

Hopefully someone does or hopefully if you get it resolved you come back and let us know what worked.

Knowledge on forums comes from people sharing... We're not just a bunch of pro-bono mechanics offering free services... Not picking on you personally, you're just the latest first time poster who could have benefited from other first time posters...

ard 07-09-2015 06:54 PM

I think there is a procedure to access around the fender liner....

start here:


ohiobimmer 11-13-2015 08:56 PM

OK...wanting to help close the loop on this one. This has happened to me twice now. The first time I was able to lift the hood high enough on the driver side and reach in to grab the little box along the fender liner. A hard pull of the cable and it opened. I PB blasted the latches and they seemed to be working fine. Tonight it wouldn't open again and when I pulled the cable it pulled straight out of the left latch. I could not figure out a way through the fender liner so I broke out a sawsall with 18" blade. Took the left kidney grill out and was able to get an angle on the retaining hook. I cut it and luckily did not damage any paint in the process. What a PITA and dumb design...

I'm going to replace the Bowden cable 51237184456 and will report back if that fixes the issue. Will advise.

clinkinfo 11-25-2015 12:28 PM

Hey, I had a similar problem, just posted my experience:


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