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Magnesiumnitrate 03-26-2019 01:16 PM

Suspected E70 N52 PCV valve failure
Pretty sure the PCV valve has failed on my 2010 e70.

Oil fill cap is still fairly easy to remove by hand while the engine is running, however, there is definitely a vacuum on the cap.

The initial symptom was an intermittent squeal that sounded like belts. When I couldnít find the source at any pulley and tension felt good I pulled the oil fil cap and boom. Woosh of air into the motor and no more squealing.

My questions.

Can I keep driving it? Iím worried Iím going to suck the crank seal or rear main into the motor but Iím not sure how justified this concern is.

Has anyone done the ghetto PCV fix for the N52? The valve is integrated into the valve cover, but you can order the diaphragm and itís cap. Some people are posting that they were able to remove the original equipment and glue down the new PCV. Sounds much better than a whole valve cover.

Edit: I have two BMW codes that may be relevant, grabbed with the Carly app.



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