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mkelly21 04-26-2019 04:09 PM

What's behind this?
When i was messing around replacing my blower fan I noticed that there was a flap on the lower part of the dash on the passenger side (also has light next to it) it also has some kind of electrical sensor behind it - wondered what is it?

Thanks Mark


BMTouring 04-27-2019 03:47 AM

little service flap, behind it dangles a connector to the optical cable. Here the service computer can be directly connected/merged into the fiberoptic ring that transports all data through the car.

So it's like the little flap under the oil filter (4.8) that is thought to make it possible to change it without removing larger covers.

As it's BMW you still want to or have to remove much more than such a little flap to do a proper service and inspection but the thought is nice.

mkelly21 04-27-2019 12:17 PM

Thank you... learn something new every day....

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