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MW3Designs 08-13-2019 11:15 AM

07 4.8 Ball Joint Removal
I am buying the full front end kit for my 07 X5, and dreading the removal of the ball joints. Had a really bad experience changing one lower arm last year, the ball joint did not want to break free. Heated it up, used (and broke) a ball joint removal tool etc etc....

What do you guys recommend for a ball joint tool that will get the job done? I want to make this an easy process, and not a repeat of my last experience.

TriX5 08-13-2019 02:57 PM

Are you referring to the conical seats of the knuckle joints? Those normally come out in 5 seconds with a BFH. :-) The top A shape arms are tricky to remove as a lot of corrosion forms where the knuckle sits in the hub carrier.

I have done almost all of the front and rear on mine, corrosion was not much of an issue. However, if you think corrosion is an issue then spray everything with WD-40 of equivalent a few days before the procedure....

josiahg52 08-13-2019 11:59 PM

I bought the special BMW front and rear ball joint removal tools when I was working on my M5 and they changed my life. I don't know if either will work on the X5 but I hope so. I use PB Blaster or Kroil.

ard 08-14-2019 12:33 AM

Ditto. Soak over the course of days.... proper tool...big hammer. Since you are putting in a new balljoint anyway, slam that beatch.

I actually clamp on the balljoint tool, tighten it just under breaking pressure (;) ), then a sharp crack on the end of the stud. Should release w a sound like a gunshot....

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