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yikchandev 07-21-2021 05:26 PM

1st gear automatically shifting at 3k rpm
Hi, recently bought an x5 e70 2013 35i. I am having the 4x4 chassis stability malfunction problem. The error comes on every time I drive the car for about 1 mile or so.

When the light DOES come on, I'm unable to go past 3k rpm ONLY on 1st gear. So basically, the car automatically shifts from 1st to 2nd at 3k rpm when the error is there. After 2nd gear, everything is good. I am able to shift whenever I want past 2nd gear, even redlining. No hard shifts, everything is smooth. The only problem I have is the automatic shifting from 1st to 2nd.

When the error is NOT present, there are no issues whatsoever. No juddering, no hard shifting, nothing.

Any ideas on what it could be? When I test drove the car before I bought it, the light never came on, even for about 1 hour of test driving through various roads. I asked the dealer for new tires before I bought it, so they did. They put on a new set of tires(different than rear) right before I bought it. It seems as though after they put on the new sets of tires on the front, this 4x4 dsc malfunction started happening.

The error does not affect how it drives, only the automatic shifting from 1st to 2nd at 3k rpm is what bothers me. I have searched everywhere and cannot find the automatic shifting symptom. Please help!

ard 07-21-2021 06:50 PM

Tire mismatch can ruin the differential. I posted on bimmerfest....

yikchandev 07-21-2021 07:15 PM

The tire sizes for the front are 255/50ZR19 107W, while the rears are 255/50R19 107V.

Cyrix2k 08-22-2021 12:33 AM

Which tires specifically? The sizes on the side of the tires can be out of spec if not running identical tires on all corners.

ard 08-22-2021 02:03 AM

OP posted a month ago...wonder what happened?!?

yikchandev 09-07-2021 08:58 PM

nothing, still same error. tried rotating tires. fixed both front wheel bearings. thinking about doing an alignment, wheel balance. drives perfect, exccept when the light comes on after 5-10 min of driving, 1st gear wont shift past 3k rpm. automatically shifts to 2nd gear.

ard 09-07-2021 11:40 PM

Well, heck- if you arent worried about chasing down the issue, why should be be concerned??

You have a code reader capable of reading the BMW specific codes from the driveline? Or just not that interested?

The rotating tires thing? Whats that about? and an alignment and balance??? whatevs

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