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JCL- thanks for the post. I am returning to the fold after being out of the mix and retiring my second faithful E53 and diving into to a '10 X3. Reading your praises over the years and you too coming from the X5 world in addition to highly respecting every opinion you have ever provided due to your vast knowledge not only on these vehicles but on the engineering of every last item the works in conjunction with them, here's my question-

My wife's 335i ('09) needed to have its battery programmed by the dealer after I installed it (proper specs, forget which one, purchased from autozone). Basically, the dash lights and dials were inoperable after the battery swap.

So, no I just picked a '10 X3 less than 40k miles and has what I assume is the original battery. The 'eye' tester reads dark not glowing green. SO - should I charge it, or simply replace it? And are you aware with any issues with not having the dealer program a 2010? That is do you think by installing it myself that I may have the same experience as with the 335i and therefore just go to the dealer in the first place if they will have to program it anyway?


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