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Confederate Battle Flag Issue - It is about time...

I find it very interesting that once Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina finally came out and called on the South Carolina Legislature to remove the Confederate battle flag from the State Capitol grounds. Hot on her heels was Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican presidential candidate from South Carolina, who initially said the flag was “part of who we are,” and now urged the SC Legislature to remove the flag from the Capitol grounds.

Once this happened, all of the announced Republican Presidential candidates started to finally come off the preverbal “fence” and make similar calls. While I think that Mitt Romney is a true “empty suit”, I give him credit for unequivocally stating before this, actually this past weekend, that the Confederate battle flag should be removed from flying over the State House in the SC capital, on public property. It took photos that have gone viral of an alleged deranged young racist white man who has been charged with and has admitted to killing nine African-Americans inside a Church in Charleston, SC, was seen holding the Confederate battle flag in photographs.

This is starting to look like a groundswell movement rapidly gaining momentum of the majority of Americans to finally admit and accept that the Confederate battle flag is for most people a very strong symbol of the southern states attempt at secession from the Union, primarily in their attempt to maintain their ability to continue slavery of blacks.

I for one am amazed in the speed of this movement and applaud it for being very long overdue. This horrendous act of cold blooded mass murder, committed by someone, from what we can tell so far, was a deranged fanatical racist has apparently hit a national cord in the publics moral and ethical psyche.

I have never accepted the argument by some that the Confederate battle flag (CBF), is a symbol of southern pride or the commemoration of southern soldiers who died during the Civil War. I do not suggest that we forget our history with the southern states, but am certainly glad that more and more people realize that the Union won the Civil War and that part of that victory should have been the banishment of the CBF to museums. The analogy is to how post WWII, the German government banished and outlawed the Nazi swastika from any public display, since it held such a similar strong negative symbolism

For most others, but not all, outside of the southern states, the CBF has been associated with sinister hate, bigotry and racism, primarily displayed by minimally educated,. lower-middle class whites who claim that they are so-called victims of government over-reach and resent the growing trend in this country of pluralistic, multi-culturalism and expanding influx to all states of non-whites. They fear the change in their very little world and cannot accept that our society is evolving and they stubbornly refuse to do so. For those of us old enough to remember, the CBF was used by the racist KKK as one of their symbols. It was in the 1960’s during the growing civil rights movement that the CBF was brought out in the open in increasing frequency and rapidly gained its symbolism of association with the southern states Jim Crow-era governments and the idea of white supremacy.

I am not naïve enough to think that this long overdue gesture will eliminate the bigotry and racism of a significant number of Americans, who live not just in the south, but are all over our country, primarily in more isolated rural environments. But it is a significant step in the right direction. We can wish that it is the beginning of a major shifting in public attitude and consciousness to bring this country back to what most people believe it should be, as true patriotic Americans and push the wacko lunatic bigoted racist minority to the fringe where hopefully they cannot do much damage other than spew their fear and hate speech to their fellow asshole slugs.

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