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Originally Posted by Riggodeaux View Post
Congrats, Tony, mine is LB09992, born Valentine's Day, 2006, perhaps off the production line right after yours'. Like the sportsitze [sport seats], same as mine. You will have a tough time finding a donor vehicle for those, in schwartz or any color .... I do like the blue exterior, word is they are much faster 0-60 than comparables in other colors .

haha, that's awesome!

yea i basically hate the grey bottom half of the dash and the grey door cards. i was thinking of keeping the grey leather though... dunno really. i found a wrecked on this summer but didn't pull the trigger on it cause i live in a condo and didn't really have anywhere to keep it for the week or two i'd need. i'm looking at moving out into a garage with a house though. (yea house with garage, whichever)
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