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Originally Posted by oldskewel View Post
And also, is 5 liters in 12k km definitely a problem? I don't have anywhere near that on my X5. I know it is a completely different engine design, but my older 911 is spec'ed by Porsche to consume up to 1 liter per 1000 km before considering it a problem. Shocking to me, and my 911 uses about 1/10 of that, but I wonder what the spec is for the X5.

My 2001 X5 has the standard automatic rust inhibition feature where it leaks a carefully controlled amount of oil, eventually captured by the stiffening plate for recycling, keeping the entire lower engine coated in a 25 micron protective film of oil at all times.
dude check that up immediately, that in my opinion IS a HUUUUGE PROBLEM, because of that your engine might get hydrolocked and then say goodbye to it (i mean that's what i've heard)
2001 BMW X5 3.0i 5 speed manual - bone stock
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