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Originally Posted by TheOfficeMaven
I believe that the map data is owned by NavTeq and licensed to BMW for use in their nav systems. However, I'm sure that the firmware is done in the exact same way. More than likely, the firmware is written by a separate company and then licensed to BMW (or whomever the manufacturer of the nav units are). Thus, whomever wrote the firmware owns the copyrights to it (unless they sold it outright to BMW).
The navigation operating system is produced by VDO for BMW. BMW has a license to redistribute it to both their dealers and to the retail channel. If you want to be 100% legit, you can either have your dealer perform the upgrade (which may or may not be done at no charge) or you can order part 01-59-0-141-891 from any BMW parts counter. That is the NAV OS update CD. Note that the part number does not change when a new version comes out, only the "Index" number does. So you may get an out-of-date disc.

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