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Originally Posted by semcoinc View Post
Just finished installing the JL C2-600CW woofer and C2-075CT into the front of my X.

It's like pillows were removed from the front door speakers

BTW, I noticed that the front factory woofers are 2ohm.

Some pics later.

Will tackle the rear doors when my Dayton Audio woofers arrive on Monday.


Note that the front door tweeter has a green with black stripe for the POSITIVE and is an 8ohm!

JL Tweeter using their supplied mounting ring in factory foam mount. Added silicone adhesive to close the deal

Negative terminal of JL C2-600CW lines up with negative of vehicle mount. I confirmed negative of factory speaker since they were not marked by using the AA battery trick. Connect battery to speaker terminals and when the speaker pushes out you look at battery for which is positive and which wire is negative. If speaker pulls in, you reverse the battery to get it to push out and you have the answer on which is positive and which is negative..

I couldn't resist

sensational info and pics. thank you sir. I'm putting the same speakers in so its nice to see real world pics for you guys.
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