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Originally Posted by jopecasa View Post know you want to!

Although that has crossed my mind, and I have been wanting to swap a V8 into a BMW for a long time..... Not with this one. Maybe next time

I bought this one so I could use Tuner Pro to Enable OBD readiness for emissions testing. I wanted to buy a cheap (running) car to goof around with so I didn't burn out the DME in my Daily Driver.

Plus, my buddy just bought a $500 car and we thought it would be cool to have a battle, See who could buy the better $500 car... As long as I can fix this thing for less than $225 I'm pretty certain that I'll win, because he bought a Honda civic

I have faith that this can be fixed. And if it requires a new DME or other module, I've got a laptop that can program to vin. So I am determined to get this thing running.
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