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It Runs!

It looks like I won the $500 car challenge. The 525 lives!

After we put that crankshaft pos. sensor in it, we let it sit for a while because it smelled flooded. Came back after about 2 hours and cranked it for 25 seconds and it fired up. After running for a couple of minutes it fires up like it was a brand new engine. We have a 3.0 in the garage right now that we're rebuilding so we didn't have to wait for any parts or sensors for 525.

I ran it for another 20-30 minutes and went on a test drive and no CEL! So far so good. This is a good start to joining the e39 family.

What do you guys think? I haven't done the trans. cooler yet but not bad for $275! I think it's ready to be a daily driver.
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