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The E53 taxman cometh

I really did think I was done for awhile. But I mean, we all kinda know, don't we?

The replacement transmission has been running like a dream since last winter. We drove the absolute wheels off the thing this summer during another 3,000 mile road trip. Dammit. It's sh!t like running through the Interstate hills of West Virginia tailing a sedan that just canNOT shake the E53 that make it soooo hard to put away. When you shame the sedan on the next down hill grade with the ridiculous 6 pot brakes you installed, well. The thing might as well be a mistress.

And so it is. November is that time before our Winter road trip where I like to take 'er in for a lil look see. Hell, it's been 10 months! Of course, that was a bill that committed me to the E53 for another year at least. This one? Yeah. I'm in till my daughter takes it over.
  • It wasn't till I changed the oil last time that I smelled burnt oil on some occasion. You know how it is... You think.. Whoa! Wassat me? Like an old guy at a party. Turns out, yeah it was.
  • The head gaskets are blowing shit all over the place. So, they should be replaced. Since I leave in less than a week, they should be replaced now.
But here's why I like the guy I've been working with for a long, long time. He says, "Look. Yer at 114k. I *know* you wanna be the only N62 on the planet who has changed oil on the old school program and maintained everything to hell and back. And then you can be the guy who says, 'Not *my* N62!' But yer not. When these seals go next year, I'll have to rip out these head gaskets. Tell ya what: If you wanna do the seals while I do this, I'll do it for $2k more than the head gaskets alone."
  • N62 seals replaced at that price? Done.
But you know how it goes.
  • I need some ginormous rear tires. That alone will drain the best maintenance funds.
And then there's the pledge I made after last year's flat on the Interstate.
  • Last year on our Winter trip, I actually sliced a brand new 315 on road debris. And by brand new, I mean like, less than a WEEK! And guess what? I thought I was being all smart by transferring a 17" spare. But then I got ginormous brakes.

    So the spare wheel and the rear caliper were just close enough to each other that I needed a tow. And a new tire. And a larger spare. That would fit in the rear. We all know I got lucky not having a major issue over this Summer's trip. I wasn't going to risk it again.
  • So, they found an 18" wheel lying around that would clear the fronts and rears. It's not pretty, but it'll work. And, I need a tire.
Oh, and when I changed the oil, I think I saw coolant. Could ya... Yeah. Expansion tank.

And then there's just me being silly:
  • If it's a wear item and you have to unbolt it to get to what you're working on, replace it with a new one. Hoses. Belts. Pulleys. Fluids. Whatever. We did this in 2011, and we're doing it again. Cause, really... WTF is a grand in parts when you're up to your ass already?
I'm pretty sure that I will have dropped more from the maintenance fund- and lets face it, I drained that in Jan. I'm tapping the 2002 restoration fund now. Anyway, I will have dropped more this year than I spent on this thing after selling my '04 in 2011.

And you know what? The E53 deserves it.

At least mine does. There isn't a $12k car on the planet that I would drive coast to coast with my girls, have as much fun, hold as much stuff, and *still* look *that* good. Keep rollin, friends. We've memories to be made!
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