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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
My next retrofit will hopefully be the power folding mirrors. I started with the necessary master switch module I picked up on fleaBay for $79 delivered in excellent shape out of a 2005 and is already installed.

After days of researching the proper mirrors needed and reading about all the microswitch and gear failures in the design, I am thinking new mirror assemblies will be the best course of action. So, here is my question.

I pretty sure I have the basic heated and tilt/memory mirrors without anti-dazzle and I have the sport package and the mirror backings (triangle mounting to the doors) are gloss black. I ran my VIN at BMW VIN decoder and no listing for mirrors. (LU37432) ECS Tuning has the basic power fold mirrors, heated with tilt but they are not gloss black for the sport package. My dealer could not provide any information on the auto fold sports package mirrors. Does anyone know of the proper part number for the basic auto fold, heated, memory/tilt in gloss black mounting back for the sport package?

I'm seen in my reading others have done the retrofit and I could use some direction on the proper direction to proceed? The whole sport package thing is where I am stumbling. Probably just my OCD...

I welcome any and all suggestions.
Go to one of the online part database sites like,, or and DO NOT input the last 7 digits of your VIN (LU37432). When you input your VIN, the part database becomes "specific" and will hone in on how your specific BMW was optioned...and not list all available options for that model/model year/build date.

If you input data for a 2004 X5 3.0 with a 4/2004 build date...then go to the diagrams for the exterior on the the diagram for mirror housing for X5s with option codes S430a (int/ext dip) & S760a (high gloss).

Do the above and you'll see there are MULTIPLE selections for the various'll see a choice for "yes" or "no" for the option codes you have. If you want exterior mirror assemblies for sport pkg w/high gloss (S760a)...then make sure the supplemental column says "yes". And you also want the auto dim exterior folding mirrors...then also make sure the supplemental column says "yes" for that feature, well as "yes" for any other features you have (heat/fold/high gloss/dip/etc).

Do that for both item #1 & #2 in the diagram. Click the link below to go directly to the part database for a X5 3.0 with 4/04 build date, then click on the diagram for S430a & S760a outside mirror assemblies: - Online BMW Parts Catalog
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