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My rear left output shaft spitting a bit of a grease onto the wheel as the most outter boot seems to be at fault. It's not the rubber part, but the one closer to the wheel - metal looking case/boot. The mechanic says these parts of the shaft are not replaceable, so need to change the whole shaft. It's C$1,955+ tax for the part at the dealer. Part number 33207607922. I understand the M shafts are not unique from non-M X5 and fit the, but not 100% sure. The dealer told me the E70 X5M part fits from F15 and F16 diesels non-Ms with part number ending 3252 but comparing parts numbers doesnt seem like it. Are these interchangeable? Would be much easier to find used.

I see ~$900 remanufactured online. Also here is the link with the best price I found. South Atlanta seems to have good deals on parts. I just may drive there for a couple of days to replace and stock up on bearings and such.

More interestingly, do rear and front output shafts go often? My X5M has 120k km. I bought it 20k ago and occasionally floor it from the is the shaft replacement a normal maintenance for X5M?

My mechanic said these rear shafts typically last forever, and recommends I buy a used one. For now no noises.

Your thoughts on any of the output shafts issues above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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