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Yet another gearbox (maybe) problem and torque converter compatability US/EUR

Hello to all,

BMW X5 E53, 4.4l, 2001 year, EUR version, LHD with the following VIN Number - WBAFB31000LP01783

From the 1 000 000 threads I read about the ZF 5HP24 I read and torque issues I couldn't find anything matching my issue.
Long story short - my torque was refurbished some 15000 km ago because of hard kicking, cable harness replaced, oil flushed, soft updated.

Afterwards the gearbox temps were still somewhat high and after a longer drive it didn't quite downshift so smoothly as it should.

So I put in a B&M cooler to serve as an additional cooler. It did improve the overall work of the gearbox, temps are now ok.

However, after a longer drive a noise appears more like a howl from a huge fan, its goes louder with rpm increase. This noise appears only after 15+min of driving.No slipping, no kicking, no power loss. Noise is most audible in the lower revs - 1500-300, afterwards the engine is too loud (stripped cats)

When the car is cold it all runs smooth as butter.

I don't have any kicking now, but this noise increased over the last 15 000 km, especially when driving uphill in the mountains.

All of this leads me to believe the torque will die soon and I should get it replaced, before it kills my gearbox as well.

Has someone else experienced similar issues only when car is warmed up?

And for the part in question -

This torque should fit theoretically. I asked the support and gave them my Vin number - they said their product is a 100% match for the US version, but can not guarantee for EU.

Could someone tell if there are any differences in the ZF gearboxes/torques between US/EU markets?

Any help is much appreciated.
Best regards
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