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Update, not much info on rear output shafts for some reason. Found a couple of youtubes about those breaking. I took a chance and made my first ebay purchases in my life)). Bought a used 30k km shaft from Germany that came from a diesel (alternate part number as per my post above). Then an almost brand new X5M part came out with just 3 km also in Germany and I bought that one too. Both in transit. Both about EUR 200 + EUR 60 each. With import tax about C$400 - C$450. I will update how it worked out.

Never thought I would be forced to use technology *ebay* ))) that badly. But C$2000 per 1 of 4 OEM output shaft!! Next time may consider that for wheel bearings as I paid C$550 for the left front OEM last year and ebay has aftermarket bearings starting from $49.
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