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Originally Posted by Russianblue View Post
Read an article this AM about a new round of Takata recalls. I've kept up with this in the past and neither of my Xers have been affected.

However, in my most recent NHTSA search it appears the 180k mi 2003 currently being driven by my 16 yr old daughter IS in fact now affected.

My question is whether BMW has released enough information on the subject to be able to check for myself to see if the car is really at risk. I remember the prior owner (my dad) had an airbag light at some point and the bag was replaced in 08 or 09. Are there part numbers or manufacturing dates on the parts themselves that indicate faulty products or am I just gonna have to bite the bullet and spend half a day or more fetching the car from my kid (25 min away) and driving it to the dealership...which I absolutely LOATHE and avoid at ALL costs.

I know I know...SO MUCH IS RIDING ON THOSE TIRES...but if this is a matter of removing the driver airbag and checking a production date, i'd really rather the 15 minute inspection vs taking a personal day at work for the latest round of BMW foibles.

Alternatively, is there anyway to use ISTA or BMW Scanner to figure it out?
They will notify you if your car is affected. Then they can order the part and notify when its in and then bring it in for the recall. Its not that bad. Both my M5 and X5 4.6is were completed within 30 minutes of bringing it into the dealership.
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