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My locked Cingular Treo with the latest updates (1.17) pairs flawlessly (within 3 seconds) with my 2005 X5. However, two days ago, just came back from a 10 day trip in the Philippines (where I used the Treo a few times on a different network) and all of a sudden my Treo beeps and gives me a message that it's trying to connect (with the X5 BT) This would go on and off and each time failing to complete the pairing.

Here's how I fixed mine - on your Treo, remove the X5 in your Trusted Device list. Make sure your Treo is "discoverable" and Dial-Up Networking should "off". Start your X5, press the "Tel" (might be different if you have Nav. system, I don't). When the "Activate Phone" comes up, press "Set up Devices" in your Treo and follow the prompts from there which would include entering your 4 digit passkey.

I remember having this same problem once previously when I came back from a trip in Canada and again used the Treo on a non-Cingular network.

Basically I think to correct the problem, you need to pair the Treo 650 again as a new device. Hope this works.

(Also try a soft reset in your Treo, this might just fix the problem. Just noticed that you have a brand-new Treo and pairing for the first time.)

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